Airfare predictions for business

API, machine learning and Big Data solutions by AirHint

AirHint provides B2B airfare prediction solutions for air travel websites, travel management companies, travel agents, airlines, researchers or any other businesses in air travel industry. Our SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions based on unique machine learning algorithm and Big Data include flight price prediction API, data feeds, widget and custom integration.


AirHint provides REST API for airfare predictions, recommendations and stats. The main use case is getting a prediction for given flight and current price. Our API will return

  • Prediction (Buy or Wait)
  • Price drop confidence %
  • Price range for a given month
  • Textual hints and stats about the current airfare
Use cases and benefits
  • Decorate flight search with unique colorful insights
  • Content generation for social media and email marketing to notify customers about price drops and good deals
  • Alerts to notify users about the best moment to book flights

To request API access, please email us and explain your business case.

Feed of flight deals

AirHint platform constantly crunches millions of airfares to detect the best flight deals for a given destination, airport, route and time period. This data can be used in your products to offer customer the best flight options. It is also a powerful source of content for social media and email marketing. Examples:

  • Top 10 cheapest flights for weekend city breaks from Manchester
  • 10 best flight deals from Dublin to Porto in June
  • Cheapest flight from London to Lanzarote in the next 30 days


For a given airfare for flight returned in flight search results on your site, we can decorate it with AirHint airfare prediction widget. A simple widget may look as simple as that and it is fully customizable.

AirHint airfare prediction widget example

It analyzes the current airfare for the flight and gives a valuable advice for a traveller suggesting whether to book now or wait more.

Along with airfare recommendation, we show the confidence level of the prediction. There are more stats available along with each airfare adn prediction: more detailed explanation of the recommendations, price statistics, etc.

Airhint airfare prediction integration example

All the element of the widget are customizable and easily embeddable into any website. We work with each business directly to ensure successful integration.

Data analysis

We provide custom price analysis for a given airline, airport, route, flight or airfare. The objective of such analysis is to find useful patterns and provide insight to business. Analysis is made by professional data scientists specialized in air travel.

If you are interested in any of these solutions or have other ideas, please contact us and we will find the best integration option for your business.