Guide to low-cost airlines in the United States

The penetration of airlines has drastically increased over the years. Be it in the most developed countries of the in-developing ones; we can see that the use of airlines among the middle-class families has been increased. There are several reasons for it. And among those, one of the primary reason is the increase in the availability in the low-cost flights.

If you take a head back, an go to the yearly airline usage reports of back the four decades, and you would see a drastic increase in the statistics. It significantly shows that global air travel increased eight-fold in four decades. To give more light to this viewpoint, we must say that it has become an accelerating trend.

Airlines of Developed & In-Developing Countries

We know the United States is the world's biggest economy. And then there are countries, like Ukraine, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, etc. are also doing great in term of low-cost air travel transports.

The American Airlines flight has created an example while it comes to low-cost airlines. Besides having such a democracy and so much of developed economy, they are one of the milestones in terms of providing lucrative services in case of low fare commercial flights.

The Low-Cost Airlines of the United States

There are many myths about the US. And one of those is, there are least low-cost airlines available in the world’s biggest economic democracy. But let us make you clear on that point, that this is wrong. The US serves with multiple low fare airlines across the nation, and these are very popular among their citizens. Just for 2017, if you want to have a look at the data statistics of the airline usage of US, then this report may help you precisely.

So for your better understanding, we are going to represent the best ten low-cost US airlines which will lead you to fly your next destination with a plane, if you still haven’t tried them.

Spirit Airlines

If you have thought of a stripped down pricing, then Spirit Airlines is here for your service. Including the US the Spirit Airlines is available in multiple countries and has been catering to this airline industry for many years. It has its headquarters in  Miramar, Florida, United States. So having placed in the US, it becomes easier for them to serve the best.

Over the years, the Spirit Airlines-US has gained good popularity, and support from its customers. Now, focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of Spirit Airlines, we will be notifying the valid pros and cons.

Pros –

  • The check-in queues are short and efficient.
  • It generally has lower fares than others. Here they completely stand out from the crowd. As an example, you can take a $110 one-way flight from New York to Peru which is really cheap in cost.
  • It's pretty lenient in letting you change your flight. Hence, if you are stuck with something in the meantime, they assist you asap.
  • It’s pleasant behaving flight attendees makes your experience better.

Cons –

  • Well, in many of the low-cost airlines, this problem is very evident, i.e., the tight seat space with minimal legroom.  It is also there in Spirit Airlines.
  • The odd flight timing and delay is also reported by many of the customers. So here this airline is a little poorly worded.
  • The customer service agent is not so professional. So your customer call support is not so appreciated.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airline is another popular name throughout the world for low-cost flights. So you must have heard about their services. While thinking of a low-cost airline, but still you would like to have some authenticity and distinct design, then Frontier Airlines is the best option available for you.

When it comes to FA, the travelers with a budget carrier can enjoy their flights, which starts at $30 a round trip. It is genuinely stunning that Frontier airlines can manage to provide airline services at such a low-cost budget. It has also been reported that recently, the frontier airlines have decreased the baggage fees to the range of $15 and have added several other benefit programs for their customers.

Pros –

  • You can enjoy your baggage carrier starting at $15.
  • The EarlyReturns mileage program that’s recently introduced to the customers, offering rewards like hotel stays, car rental, priority boarding, etc.
  • Rather than that the significant pros that customers admire in FA are flights are always on time.
  • It's neat and clean.
  • And the best thing is the seat space. Instead of other commercial flight seats which are generally congested, in FA you have a great space indeed to spend your journey.
  • Flight attendees are pleasant and well groomed.
  • And we have already talked about the knocked out price they are offering in the industry, which is unbeatable.

Cons –

  • Although the seats are not small for an average height person if you are certainly taller, then it might give you a headache. Especially their recliner and decliner are not that good. So probably the front seats will be a better option for you in this case.

Southwest Airlines

It is again a big name in the aviation industry itself. Southwest Airlines is catering to the US for decades, and they have measured a great journey in terms of their services. Southwest Airlines can serve you with the most diversified destinations across to travel. And great to say that SA has now officially become the largest low-cost carrier in the world.

It provides a unique value-added service. It has a passbook mobile application system for its customers. This helps you to do the boarding and following other technical formalities in the airline.

When it comes to Southwest Airlines, it also provides heaps of travel deals that comprise lovely resorts and hotels across the country. But likewise, the competitors, SA also has some pros and cons according to its customer interface. Have a look at it.

Pros –

  • Rather than being cheaper in the aviation domain, it has two free checked bags available to carry.
  • You will get a Southwest credit card.
  • Flights are always reliable and punctual.
  • And the unique feature is, this airline does not assign you seats. Once you check in and entirely on board, you can select your preferred position and enjoy your journey.

Cons –

  • SA uses only Boeing 737s.
  • As usual, no meals included in low-cost flights.
  • They have no airline partnerships.
  • SA does the boarding front to back, which may stand annoying for you in terms of selecting seats.

WestJet Airlines

Since 1996, WestJet Airlines Ltd., the Canadian airline is evolving in the airline industry. WestJet is a widely popular name in terms of American airlines. WestJet offers its services in the regions like the Caribbean, Mexico, and the US. It provides a high quality of cheap flights in the US and has a specific set of loyal customers.

While It comes to talk about the pros and cons of WestJet, there is a significant lot of customers who admit to having memorable experiences with this airline. But yet to have a look would make you more explicit about its attributes.

Pros –

  • The excellent atmosphere under their protocols.
  • Helping and caring staff.
  • Neat and clean.
  • Well behaved air hosts and hostess.

Cons –

  • Seat comfort is average.
  • Legroom is also not extensive.

JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue is serving for 20 years in the market. They have captured the low-cost American airline market well. According to the reports, JetBlue is one of the most successful airlines in terms of their financial records.

Starting from the baggage allowances, other benefits, flight timings, everything is well managed and structured in this airline. People tend to appreciate it, but still, we would like to show you if it has some cons.

Pros –

  • Good customer service.
  • Best value for money low-cost airline.
  • Food and beverage are of standard type.
  • Cleanliness is also good.

Cons –

  • Flight timings and delays need to be improved.
  • Flight boarding management can be improved.
  • Seat comfort can be improved.
Is flying Cheap Worth it?

When it comes to fly with low fare airlines, be it the US or any in a developing country, you got to compromise on specific stuff. Firstly, the idea of having a lovely meal in the flight with multiple options of beverages, and getting several other props, has wholly been omitted from such less priced airlines.

In the low priced economic class, if you want to have something, you got to pay additional for that, then you have it. And similarly for the other value-added services.

But comprising all the points and attributes of flying cheap, we would say it completely worth it. Reason being, while you are traveling a certain distance, your objective is to reach the destination safely. And in low-cost flights, you are successful in doing it. You get a better seat to relax and just the minimal time to spend on the plane. So keep flying with low fares.

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