Flight price tracker and predictor

AirHint unique flight price tracker and predictor has above 80% prediction accuracy in order to help you saving money when booking your next flight.

We know that not all airlines change prices the same way. For example budget airlines change prices more agressively while the price of traditional airlines are usually more stable.

We know that frequent flight price changes create stress for travellers.

It is a common scenario when you book a flight and the next day it goes down in price. The second common case is when you find the current price too expensive and take an intuitive decision to wait for a better fare. However it turns out that the demand on that flight is high and the prices keep climbing.

This is when the data driven decision can help you finding the best moment to book. What if there was a trustful advisor which can tell you when to book and when to wait? That's exactly what AirHint flight price predictor is all about. The tracker keeps and eye on your flight and the predictor uses the machine learning models created and trained for each airline individually to ensure the best quality.

We track and compare millions of flights to offer the best experience and the best predictions along with the price related hints and price drop alerts. As more travellers get onboard, the predictive models learn and offer improved results with your next flight search.

Why is AirHint price predictor different?

  • We train the models for individual airlines to enable better predictions
  • We offer predictions for low-cost airlines which change prices often
  • We have strong presence in Europe and the North America
  • We are flexible and always listen to your feedback

All you need to get started with the tracker is to select the airline, route and the departure date. The flight predictor based on your input and the data of millions of other flight prices, will tell whether to book or wait. If the chances of price drop are low, it will recommend to book. In any case the price predictor will show the probability of the price going down.

Getting started

If you are interested in the flight price predictor for business purposes, find out more about AirHint flight price predictor API and integrations.

As a traveller, to get started with the flight price predictor for free now, please select one of the airlines which are currently supported and we will take you to its price predictor.

Wizz Air
Turkish Airlines
British Airways
LOT Polish Airlines
American Airlines
Delta Air Lines
United Airlines
Alaska Airlines
Spirit Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Air Canada
Singapore Airlines
Air New Zealand
TAP Air Portugal

Flight price predictors for more airlines will be added soon by our team. Stay tuned!

Feel free to contact us with any feedback or request another flight research.